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13 Feb

How good do you know your website? What about your competitor’s? When was the last time you ran a complete diagnostic/check-up on your domain? The other day I was recommended to check out Stat My Web and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. The website reminds me of

Stat My Web for example provides free detailed stats on:

  • When a website was created
  • Where is it hosted
  • How much is it worth
  • Where it ranks on the web

These detailed stats are displayed in both graphical and text formats. Furthermore, there are a bunch of tools which help in specific analysis of the website. I really liked the organic search terms users are typing in to get to a website. If you are trying to get a leg up on your competition, find out what words they are getting traffic on and add them to your mix.

Find detailed and accurate stats for your own or any other website check out –

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