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One starry night as I looked upon the sky, I saw a beacon of light in the distance. Could this be the sign I have been waiting for? Could this be the meaning of life? Actually as I looked closer, I recognized that it was only my friend driving up in his “Historical Vehicle”. As he approached, he was shouting out his rustic Chevrolet that he just found the coolest thing on the Internet and I had to “come with!”

Stumble Upon is a cool tool bar that you can either add to your browser, IE (Internet Explorer) or Mozilla (Firefox), that will randomly let you “stumble upon” sites that members of a network have dubbed worthy. Once you login, you just hit the “Stumble Upon” button and wait to see what will come up. Then you can either say you “like” or “dislike” the site and make comments about the site that everyone on the network can see. The great thing about this tool bar is you can suggest new sites which will ultimately continue to grow the network.

Stumble Upon makes the Internet life random again. It takes the thinking away from searching and makes it fun again.

Download Stumble Upon today.

Parent Rating: 2 out 5 (Questionable because you never know what is going to come up)

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