What’s your most embarrassing texting mistype blunder?

1 May

I was listening to the Q104‘s Wilde and Fee radio show and they mentioned a common text messaging error that is ruffling feathers across the country. Most smart phones like the Blackberry or iPhone have T9 word recognition technology installed standard. T9 will contextually anticipate what words you are typing. For example, if you start typing “lea” the phone will temporarily place “learn” in your sentence anticipating that’s what you were going to say.

The challenge with T9 technology is that it isn’t 100% accurate and sometimes you could send a misleading message to another party. Fee said that he accidentally sent a text to his friend wife’s phone with, ” Can I call you for a quick sex?” but he meant “Can I call you for a quick sec?”.

What’s the most embarrassing mistype blunder you’ve sent via text message?


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