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How To Successfully Prepare Your Child For College Life

3 Feb

If your child is currently attending his last year of high school, then it’s likely that you’ve already done some research on colleges or universities that your child can attend in September. However, it takes more than picking the right college and getting good grades to prepare for college life. According to a survey, 60% of freshmen wished that they had help getting emotionally ready for college. With so much energy going into visiting campuses, SAT prep, and taking AP classes, students have less time to learn the skills that they need to cope with the demands of college life. Moreover, students need to master the right technology for college success. As classrooms all over the country are in a state of constant change, teens need to feel that they’re fully prepared to use technology tools as more professors are integrating it into the classroom. To help your child cope with the academic, financial, and emotional challenges of school life, here’s a guide to successfully prepare your teenager for college life.

Let your child get familiarized with common technology in classrooms

Most campus leaders and professors assume that just because students are well-versed in basic computer skills means that they can cope with the tech used in the classroom. Nowadays, some professors use software that enables students to complete homework online, and the same software allows educators to make assessments and give feedback. To help your teen prepare, do some research on the system or software that the college or university utilizes and allow your child to get familiar with it. This helps your child prevent missing homework and paper deadlines once he or she starts freshman year.

Let your teen work alone on a project or paper

Once your child goes to college, there will be no one there to help him or her do homework or do practice ACT English and Math tests with. To be successful in college, students need to be able to prioritize their studies despite the many distractions that college life has to offer. Before your teen starts college, make sure that your child can complete a paper or project on his or her own. It’s also a good idea to observe how your child prepares for a test so you can see if certain changes are needed with regards to your teen’s study habits.

Work with your child on important life skills

Can your teenager cook simple yet healthy meals and do laundry? Can your child keep his or her belongings in order and keep a room clean? Now would be a good time to practice these life skills with your child so that he or she can accomplish them in college. Doing so allows your child to be independent and get along with future roommates.

Teach money management skills

Children don’t learn how to manage money in school, so parents should take the initiative to teach their kids how to balance a checkbook, pay credit card bills, create and stick to a budget. Talk to your teen how credit cards work and how to avoid being in debt. You can also encourage your child to get a part-time job or do side hustles for extra income.  

Teach your child how to deal with stress in positive ways

Some college students cope with the pressure of college life by overeating, partying too much, binge-drinking, or taking drugs. To help your teen deal with the demands of college, teach him or her positive ways to manage stress such as exercising, going for a walk outdoors, listening to music, or getting in touch with you and other loved ones on Skype. Remind your child not to sweat the small stuff and to keep cool during stressful situations.

Preparing for college life can be a challenge for students and their parents, but by focusing on preparing academically, financially, and emotionally, your child can be better equipped to deal with this new phase of life. Follow these tips to help your teen prepare for college life and set him or her up for success.

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Discounted Home Internet Service

2 Sep

In today’s world, there is no way to achieve your dreams without connection to the Internet! At Everyone On, you can find low-cost Internet and affordable computers in your area. Try this website to locate what ISP (Internet Source Provider) is available in your area!

If you one of these apply, you may qualify for discounted Internet Service:

  • Low-income (at or below $35,000 annual salary)
  • Live in public housing
  • Participate in the National School Lunch Program (free or reduced lunch at school)
  • Participate in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food or nutrition benefits)
  • Participate in Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program
  • Participate in Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Participate in Medicaid
  • Participate in Veterans Pension and Survivor Benefits


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Compare the best deals from all 12 internet providers

18 Jul

Is your Internet provider charging you too much? Are you looking for new ways to save money? If you want to compare the best deals from all 12 internet providers, then you need to check out Broadband Now. It’s never easy to make a switch but if you are going to save lots of money it can’t hurt to check. Type in your ZIP code and see what providers are in your area. Then you’ll see what you could be saving.


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Weird Al Yankovic Explains The Internet

23 Jul

Last week Weird Al’ Yankovic Explained the Internet to Fox’s Stuart Varney. I find this interview interesting because Al understands how to adapt his commodity – creating music – to a new business model. Now Mr. Yankovic gets paid to create content for internet channel’s like Yahoo which then drives sales for his music. Al also explains that he will no longer release full length albums anymore because it’s not timely for parodies. What do you think about this interview?

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23 Oct

Have you heard of Clickjacking? A friend of mine recently had it happen to him; don’t let it happen to you.

Clickjacking is when a hacker embeds code in a website, then a user clicks on it, and allows the hacker to take over their browser. Once in control, they can click any link without the knowledge of the browser user. If they can take over your browser when you walk away, imagine the possibilities.

So how do you protect yourself?

  1. First of all download a browser that has higher security features than Internet Explorer; I suggest Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Then download a Mozilla Add-on called “No Script” which will turn off off all suspicious code on websites. It is not easy to browse at first because you have to approve the content your want to see. If you don’t whitelist or approve areas on your screen, you will see nothing.

Is there anything else we can do to prevent Clickjacking?

Read more about Clickjacking

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Gadget Trak – Protection Worthwhile

11 Sep

You’ve done your research and purchased the best camera, computer or iPod on the market, but then it’s stolen. Now get piece of mind by protecting your prized electronic possession with Gadget Trak, so you can get them back.

What is Gadget Trak?

  • Program that allows you to login remotely to your device and take pictures of the thieves
  • Pay $13 year and you’re machine will contact you if it falls in the wrong hands.
  • Protect computers, ipods, etc…. by sending images across Internet

What do you think of this device? Would you purchase Gadget Trak?

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A Tip to Protect Your Computer

21 Aug

You may not know it, but at this moment your computer is most likely being crawled by Internet bots. What are these software applications doing? They are scanning your machine, dropping snippets of code on to it and watching your surfing habits. Generally these bots are sending information back to numerous companies in an effort to market to you more efficiently. The good news is you can fight back against the bots by installing a couple of free programs that will remove their malware.

I have been running both programs on my machines because they seem to work differently and catch unique items. Note: These programs are not virus protection software; they are programs designed to only remove bots from your machine.

Spybot Search and Destroy

Ad Aware

Did you find a bunch of bots after you ran the software?

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Spies Like Us

13 Feb

Does your child know what he or she wants to do when they grow up? Astronaut? Police Officer? Teacher?


Yes, the National Security Agency, a government organization that originally “didn’t exist” to crack codes and ciphers is looking to your children.

Someday, the current generation of spies and analysts will need to be replaced, so the NSA has put together a site to appeal to kids.

Characters such as Crypto-Cat™ and Decipher Dog™ will show you and your children how much fun it is to figure out puzzles, crack codes, and keep our nation safe.


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Internet Safety Day

6 Feb

February 6 is Internet Safety Day, highlighting issues related to children and their experiences online.

Organized by the EU’s Information Society and Media Commissioner Viviane Reding, the day is intended to educate both adults and children. Events are being held in 31 countries, with schools and businesses working together to raise awareness regarding the dangers children face online.

This year, 20 European mobile phone companies have signed an agreement intended to offer greater protection for children using mobile phones.

Why hasn’t this day gotten more press in the United States? Should we be following Europe’s lead on these matters?

Find out more

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