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iPads Changing Education

19 Mar

Do you own an iPad? If you have not experienced the power of this tablet device, then perhaps the following article will shine some light on the subject. Should all schools be adopting iPads and using them in their curriculum? The results show that learning on an iPad is intuitive and students retain more information [...]

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Blue Tooth Stylus for iPad

17 Feb

Are you an iPad fanatic? Steve Jobs never envisioned a pen to draw on an iPad because you’re supposed to use your finger. However if you prefer a stylus, then this could really be the one. Pogo Connect offers a blue tooth stylus for iPad allows you to control the line width of the pen. [...]

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Unofficial Apple News Site

7 Sep

Apple is now the most profitable company in the world. In the next couple of weeks, iPhone 5 is rumored to be released along with who knows what other innovations that will change the world’s technology horizon. If you what to read about the latest scoop about Apple, then check out the unofficial Apple website. [...]

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iPad Kiosk

20 May

Are you looking for a new interactive way to connect with your consumers? Whether you are in retail or planning your next trade show, you should consider an iPad Kiosk. For $495, you can purchase a Lilipad which securely locks in your iPad and gives you the flexibility to design an interactive experience. Read full [...]

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iPad Restaurant Menu

15 Aug

I recently had the pleasure to dine at Michael Simon's restaurant Lola. The experience, service and food were top notch. However the one thing that made me do a double take was their use of technology. Michael Simons restaurant Lola uses the iPad for their wine list. You first select the type of wine and then you drill down to what they [...]

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iPad Cases for Kids

2 Aug

Did you recently buy an iPad for your kid? If so, you need a good case to protect it! Griffin recently launched a series of iPad cases just for kids. One special case is called the “Lightboard” and it allows your kid to draw and color directly on your iPad. You just slide in a [...]

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Skype in the Classroom

4 Mar

Mike Kimmel just forwarded me this link about Skype making a leap to the classroom. As kids get older, so does the chance of business technology creeping into classrooms. If you don't have a Skype account, then you don't know what you are missing. The streaming video technology turns your computer into a strong communication [...]

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Is Your Message Relevant To Your Audience?

27 Dec

Did you get the memo? call? email? voice-mail? text? tweet? Are you reaching your audience with your message? In this day and age, if you are not communicating on the right medium, you don't exist! In today's digital age, each gender, age and demographic category is listening to you through different devices and you need [...]

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Invasion of Tablets

4 Dec

The iPad is a game changing computing device because it is so versatile. Passing it around the living room makes you feel like it's a book you can't put down. Tablets are comfortable, so no wonder that an invasion is upon us. Recently Samsung introduced the Galaxy Tab to rival the iPad. It features a [...]

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Echofon Twitter App

6 Sep

I saw that Lebron James was using Echofon for Twitter so I checked it out (even though I am still not becoming a Miami Heat fan). Echofon is “a clean iPhone Twitter app with push notifications and unread tweet syncing with your computer”, the site exclaims. I tried it out what I like best is [...]

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