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Mobile Traffic Cam

19 Aug

Once you step outside your door, there are cameras everywhere. Fox 59 News out of Central Indiana is utilizing their cameras to the consumer’s advantage. They have launched a new service called “Traffic Authority: Mobile” that delivers real-time traffic conditions straight to your cell phone.

Indianapolis residents can now have up-to-the-minute local traffic conditions right in the palm of their hands. Download their free mobile application and have access to over 60 cameras in the Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.

Would you like to have a free service like this in your area?

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I Took This On My Phone

11 Aug

Take a picture on your smart phone and upload it for free to I Took This On My Phone. You’ve got all those photos on your mobile phone, why not put them in a central place online? You can create a public or private online photo gallery. Create an account and get started uploading your pictures from your phone to their website.

Phones supported: BlackBerry Pearl 8100 Series, BlackBerry Curve 8300 Series, HTC Dash, HTC Mogul, HTC Tilt, HTC Touch, HTC Wing, Motorola Q, Motorola Q9, Palm Treo 700wx, Palm Treo 750NS and Samsung BlackJack II. Sorry… iPhones are not supported.


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Mobile… Rise Up!

26 Jun

According to a recent report by Opera software, mobile traffic, consumers browsing the web on their cellphone, is on the rise. Social networking sites worldwide are the most popular destinations and the United States is no exception.

Top 10 mobile sites in the U.S.
1. www.myspace.com
2. www.google.com
3. www.mocospace.com
4. www.yahoo.com
5. www.facebook.com
6. www.live.com
7. www.hi5.com
8. www.wikipedia.org
9. www.itsmy.com
10. www.ebay.com

I’ve never heard of It’s My or MocoSpace before.

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5 Sep

A company called Melodeo has created a program called Nutsie to set your iTunes free. Nutsie enables users to bring in your playlists from your iPod to 15 different types of phones. You stream a playlist from their servers via a text message.

Has anyone tried this service? Is Nutsie worth trying?

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YouMail – Voicemail Heaven

25 May

This free service allows you to deliver different voicemail messages to different callers. For example, if your mom calls, YouMail will recognize the phone number and answer with a message saying, “Happy Birthday Mom! I’m sorry I missed your call. I am in a meeting all day. I will call you back tonight.”

To sign-up, you first must have a cellphone with voicemail because you’ll need to verify the phone number right off the bat. Once your number is verified, you can then record your greeting either on your phone or computer. One word of advice, you have the option to receive text message notifications when a new voicemail arrives. Make sure you have a text message plan so you don’t get nickel and dimed every time you get a new message. Besides this small issue, from what I can see, this voicemail service is really innovative and handy.

Key features of YouMail:

* Save favorites to your computer
* Free unique greetings for different callers
* Retrieve voicemails online or over the phone
* Get either email, text, or voicemail notification
* Pre-recorded custom greetings
* Block people you don’t want to leave a message
* Keep voicemail forever
* Un-delete voicemails
* Check call history when phone was turned off

Has anyone tried this service?

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Virgin Mobile Kids

23 Sep

Do your kids want a cell phone? Virgin Mobile USA brings you http://enlightenmentkit.com/, which gives kids the tools to convince parents to buy them a mobile phone. Virgin’s product is a Pay As You Go mobile phone, not one of those family plans.

The site not only has wallpapers, t-shirt iron-ons, stickers posters to promote their product but it has something they call the “instigator”. This is a step-by-step instruction to create a cardboard cutout of a fake cell phone. The object is to have your parents ask you where you got that phone which starts the conversation about really getting you one.

There is also a “PressurePoint Presentation” which contains highlights of Pay As You Go. This PowerPoint formatted presentation truly is close to straight up begging. If that doesn’t work, the site wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity to SPAM your parents with Virgin email propaganda.

All in all, this is good opportunity to learn more about a mobile plan for your child in a fun way. This site is also a great way for your kid to convince you to finally get his or her own mobile phone.


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