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MySpace Still Number 3

22 Jan

MySpace is the third most popular social networking website. They recently rolled-out an updated homepage, but is it too late? The site has gathered the reputation that it’s littered with too many ads and thousands of people are flocking from MySpace to Facebook every day. I conducted a poll and five out of seven people said they haven’t visited their MySpace page in two years. It seems as though the website has turned into a mecca for musicians and that may the saving grace for MySpace.

Can these recent improvements save the slipping social networking platform?

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MySpace Jobs

24 Aug

Recently I got an email from MySpace that they’ve added new features to their website. The trend recently is that MySpace has been on the downturn because other social networking platforms like Facebook are gaining popularity. Thus, I wasn’t surprised when I heard that MySpace was trying to stay relevant. So why not add a job board to your website when the economy is down?

The MySpace job portal in my analysis seems to be nothing more than one big refined Google search. The page layout and the actual results for same key terms are similar in Google and MySpace Jobs. The site does however feature a few videos that are strong in helping you land a new job. It also has a tab if you are looking to go back to school, you can search for a higher degree.

MySpace has added a new “Job” feature to their website, but it’s really just repositioning technology from Google. The bottom-line is that as long it’s a benefit for the users, it’s a benefit to the site.


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Commentary: Tired of Social Media?

14 Aug

Everywhere you turn, whether if its on the six o’clock news or at sporting events, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn advertisements are posted. “Join us”, “Follow Us”, “Hit Us Up”, “Make Us Your Friend”, “Connect With Us” on the Internet is the message we continually hear from companies. Are we starting to reach the breaking point with all the inundation of the social media fad? Honestly, how many more times can we hear about that party that happened last night? How many more times can we hear the story about your goldfish that came back to life after a food coma?

In the next few months, more and more people will begin to delete their profiles and go offline. More viruses will be hitting our Twitter accounts. More scams will be encroaching on our lifestyles via social media (SM). Advertising will be coming soon to Twitter and every other Tweet will be slammed with ad words and search related noise. The culmination of all of these threats will turn off many users, but will we truly lose them? Will it be too late to get back all those millions of users that got turned off by the social media bandwagon? I say, “no”.

Human nature is to be curious. Eventually another secure form of micro-blogging communication will emerge. We can’t get rid of social media phenomenon because our “friends” want to know what we are doing at all times.

So how will the world adjust to SM? Simple. New tools are appearing that will automate responses. Professional writing teams are being assembled to represent corporations in social media. The question is, how will the average person keep up with SM? Sure mobile applications give us the ability to update over lives on the go, but we tend to add even more to our schedules when something becomes faster. Eventually will we all just pay someone to do our social media for us, like someone mowing our lawns.

Are you tired of Social Media?

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Social Networking Breakdown

1 Jul

Do these questions keep you up at night? What is a social network? What social network is right for me?

If so, then take a moment to review a handy breakdown of social networking by Digizen. This child safety organization takes a look at Bebo, Faceboo, Flickr, MySpace, Ning, TakingITGlobal and YouTube. Find out what the security settngs, age restrictions, moderation settings, group tools, mobile policies and search technologies are on these sites.

What I like best about this presentation by Digizen is that it compares each service side-by-side in a easily scanable chart. If you are tossing and turning about the difference between each social networking service, then check out this chart.


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My Death Space

2 Feb

Recently many stories have surfaced where a person dies and their friends online outnumber their friends in real life. In the spirit of MySpace, a group has created My Death Space, a online cemetery for MySpace profiles. When a friend passes-away you can immortalize them on this website by simply submitting their MySpace profile and actual online obituary.


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Time’s 50 Coolest Websites

15 Aug

Time magazine recently featured the top 50 coolest websites of 2006. They evaluated hundreds of candidates?some suggested by readers, colleagues and friends, others discovered during countless hours of surfing. Here are some of the sites:

Photo Muse

Phone Scoop
Not Martha
Shop Intuition

The Morning News

Staying Connected
Time Wasters
Number Logic

Travel & Real Estate
Hop Stop

Web Search & Services
Seamless Web

The Complete List

Do you have any to add?

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Hey That’s “My Space”

1 Sep

I guess I really must be out of the loop because the other night for the first time I just heard about My Space. For all your old school internet users, My Space is like Geocities on steroids. On My Space not only can you create a free site but you can IM (Instant Message) people in your network, send mail, start your own Blog, post up to 10 pictures and stream music. You can post so much information about yourself that it’s like setting up your own personal ad. You even get a short, easy to remember web address, e.g. http://www.myspace.com/leadinghands (URL).

Now the daily routine of an average teenager involves having a blur of instant message boxes open at one time, cell phones ringing, ipods thumping and their “My Space” site floating in the background. With My Space you always know when someone is online which makes chatting with friends simple. Your personal homepage could easily become your lifeline because updating it can be endlessly addictive.

My friend told me that he got his “free site” over two years ago and since then My Space has grown exponentially. The site actually first began marketing to musicians and believe it or not, the site is still heavily focused on music. However, there are more personal sites than band sites now-a-days.

According to Alexa, “My Space” ranks as one of the top 15 most visited websites today. Are you going to claim your own space?

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