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Zamzar Online File Converter

14 Sep

The internet is truly powerful and if used the right way, you can produce powerful results. Remember that line from Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Exhibit A is a recent find called Zamzar which is an online file converter that works great. Do you have a video in mpg format you need convert [...]

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Watch Videos at Sony’s MyPlay

5 Jan

Sony launched a website that features music videos from your favorite artists like the Kings of Leon, Beyonce, Britney Spears, ACDC, T-Pain, and many more. I like the interface becauseĀ it is easy to use and I was able to surf through the videos easily. I would recommend checking out this website. http://myplay.com/

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Fireside Internet Chat?

17 Nov

President-elect Barack Obama is doing another presidential first when his team recently announced that he will be holding his weekly addresses exclusively online. Senator Obama has been superior with his use of online technology during his campaign such as texting supporters of his choice as Biden as VP, Twitterring his whereabouts and registering an astronomical [...]

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I Want My MTV

5 Nov

Remember when MTV used to play videos? MTV recently opened up their video vault and posted a plethora of their collection online for your viewing pleasure. The website that brings back music videos is called MTV Music. What’s here? VH1 pop-up videos 80s music classics – first video played on MTV “Video Killed The Music [...]

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The Next Generation of Chat

14 Oct

If you don’t have a web cam, then you are in a growing minority of computer owners. Now web cameras are built standard into most computers and if not they can be cheaply purchased. With the increase of broadband and the decline of dial-up Internet service, the ability to easily communicate via video on the [...]

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Get the VLC Player

14 Aug

Every big computer company seems to have their own video/audio player. Apple has Quicktime / iTunes and Microsoft has Window’s Media Player. You can round out the video/audio program competition with Winamp, MusicMatch and RealPlayer. All of these players have one thing in common, none of them work well playing each other’s file formats. If [...]

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18 Aug

If you are looking for a new way to waste some time while your surfing the web, then discover Zango. The website features free screensavers, video games and funny video clips. You can get free games like Chess, Foosball and Solitaire to name a few. http://www.zango.com

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Dabble With Video

12 Mar

Watching streaming video on the Internet is the latest craze. Now use Dabble to search and find videos from all over the Web. This video search engine will scour Google Video and You Tube. Once you find your videos, you can also look through other people’s collections and organize what you like to watch. Sign [...]

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