Tech Tools That Every Realtor Needs to Adopt

In the past, realtors would seal a deal by just making a call, showcasing a property, or placing an ad in the paper. However, many customers today don’t even want to walk into a home until they have seen images online. Others prefer communicating via email, making technology a necessity for the success of any realtor. Successful realtors have begun to adopt technology and spend their time wisely. Here are four tools that every real estate agent needs to generate leads and connect with clients.

A Professional Crafted Website

There is a difference between a website crafted by a professional and the one designed by an amateur. Anyone can access editor tools on the internet and use them to develop a website. However, only a professional web designer can craft a site to suit your content. While it may seem expensive, hiring a professional web designer can be an invaluable investment. Web designers will help you craft a design that captures leads, showcases the beauty of your apartments, and impresses prospects. Alternatively, you can use WordPress theme if you don’t want to hire a professional web designer. It will help you add your real estate texts and swap out the stock photos. Unless you buy WordPress, you can’t test your theme. In fact, you might discover that the WordPress theme lacks essential features such as drop-down menus and widgets while you are halfway through the building process. As such, you might be forced to settle for imperfection or buy a new WordPress theme. When you work with a web designer, you are assured of perfection. In fact, you can provide feedback until the entire project completes.

A Virtual Assistant

Realtors have a lot of work to do besides sealing deals and showcasing properties. You can delegate some of these tasks to virtual assistants. That will ensure continuity of your business even when you are held up elsewhere. As with any occupation, skills of virtual assistants tend to vary. Some of the tasks that you can delegate include posting articles on your website, data transferring, and searching for inspiration for your next blog post.

Reporting Solution

Every realtor needs a business dashboard to track KPIs and metrics that are relevant to business performance. Dashboards use data visualization technique to simplify complex data and keep users aware of the current performance. In today’s real estate environment, the tendency is towards real-time data. Realtors are using big data to tackle challenges facing the industry head-on. A well-designed dashboard will enable a real estate agent to simplify data analysis and distribution. It allows realtors to manage their projects safely and track their daily performance. Dashboards make construction processes manageable to allow realtors to focus on their routine operations.

A Digital Marketing Strategy

If you haven’t moved to the internet, it is time you develop a digital marketing strategy. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing strategy will allow you to connect with masses at a lower cost. In the past, marketing was all about finding a market and selling your products or services. Today’s digital era, the market is available at your fingertips. All you need is a strategy to get the attention of your prospects. Digital marketing strategies often fail when a realtor attempts to copy other online marketers. All they do is to generate as much leads as possible without considering their relevance to the target audience. You might end up getting irrelevant leads and start to wonder if online strategies are worth pursuing.

Some realtors post incessantly on LinkedIn and Twitter expecting relevant leads, but that isn’t how it should be done. You will surely reach people by doing this, but you might not be reaching the relevant target audience. All you need is to match your marketing efforts with the corresponding leads. Follow other real estate agents and businesses. Immerse yourself in the community. Build up an online network, as you would in real life. When that begins to build, post once every few days about real estate. You will soon build a solid following and will be viewed as an expert in your industry. That understanding will eventually pan out to real leads with real results. It might seem like a long process, but it is well worth the time when the leads begin to generate themselves.

The best thing you can do is begin using a digital marketing tool specifically designed for real estate agents. This specialization in tech will help you target your specific niche of clients in an even easier way.


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