The Evolution of YouTube

10 Jun

The other day I was driving down the street and I saw a huge YouTube sign on someone’s front lawn. I am used to seeing a “John’s Roofing” sign or the “Century 21” sign, but not a gigantic YouTube logo. So as I got closer to the sign it said to look-up this property address on YouTube to a get a better view. I was then suddenly amazed by how much the Internet and its technology has seamlessly been weaved into society.

My YouTube adventure continued on Monday when I had the pleasure of meeting Judson Laipply, the entrepreneur that used YouTube to proliferate his business by creating the site’s most played video. His genius piece of work is entitled “The Evolution of Dance” and if you are seasoned Internet surfer, you’ve probably seen a few times, but if not, the video features Judson dancing a medley of the most famous wedding songs. For example, he moves from All Shook-up to the Chicken Dance to Cotton-eyed Joe to the Electric Slide to Ice Ice Baby.  He was one of the first videos on YouTube in 2006 and now in 2009 they are selling real estate on it. Now YouTube has a strong competitor launched by NBC called Hulu; the National Broadcasting Company’s brainchild is now the third most popular video website.

Do you think Hulu will overtake YouTube in popularity?

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