The Filter – Search Music & Movies You Like

9 Mar

For years if you went into a store and were looking at something, the sales person would come and say, “If you like this item, then you might also like this item.” Amazon took that concept of suggesting items you might like and rolled it into their online store ten years ago. This concept of suggestive retail is now living strong and has catapulted into other arenas. Now most of your popular social networks like Facebook will suggest other friends you should add to your list. Now the Filter, a new website that is like a search engine, leads you to music and movies you’ll enjoy.

The Filter is a website that will suggest music and movies based on your tastes. Type in an artist, you’ll download an artist bio, videos and essential songs plus a list of others that are similar. Then you can slide the familiarity and time scale to narrow down the related artists. You can likewise do the same¬†when you do a movie search too!

Try the Filter; it recommends music and movies based on your tastes.

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