The Hills + Web 2.0 Social Media?

2 Dec

Speak over TV with Back Channel
Back in the 90s, “Pop Up Video” was so innovative because as the music video played little tidbits about it would appear in chat bubbles. For example, in the Tiffany video “I Think We’re Alone Now” a chat bubble would appear that would say, “Tiffany wore the same denim jacket again in her next video (All This Time)”. Now MTV’s most popular show “The Hills” has launched “The Back Channel” to give watchers of the show the ability to talk about it as it happens.

MTV promotes “Back Channel” as “Playing online while you watch The Hills.” You type your thoughts on the website as you watch the show and you are awarded points. You can gain points when other players vote for your comments. If MTV identifies you as the most popular or the funniest player, the network will then post your comments on the screen as the show happens. “Back Channel” is like pop-up video on steroids because now the comments are user driven.

Do you think this a good use of Web 2.0 and social media?

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