The March Of The Penguins

Rated “G”, Luc Jacquet’s documentary is just an incredible feat of cinematography. Making this movie memorable is the combination of breath-taking National Geographic scenery from the South Pole and the narration of Oscar winner Morgan Freeman. I usually am not a public television or animal planet type of fan, however this film captures the struggle for survival and the circle of life.

Morgan Freeman says, “In the harshest place on earth, love will find a way. This is a true story of a family’s journey to bring life into the world.” You will watch, as a family of Emperor penguins will struggle through extreme weather conditions and the threat of predators to ultimately give new life. Throughout the film, you will you will feel impelled to smile but for the most part you will just be in awe of how Mother Nature works.

Leading Hands recommends this film for all families.


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