The Next Generation of Chat

If you don’t have a web cam, then you are in a growing minority of computer owners. Now web cameras are built standard into most computers and if not they can be cheaply purchased. With the increase of broadband and the decline of dial-up Internet service, the ability to easily communicate via video on the web has increased two fold. With this new found speed of data, the quote from Spiderman, “With great power, comes great responsibility” seems relevant.  Webcams create a new reality and safety measures should be considered.

For example, I stumbled upon Paltalk while I was searching for instant messaging programs. Paltalk is an all-in-one instant messaging, group video calls & chat room program. With this Swiss army knife program, now you are not only chatting with others online, you are utilizing your web camera to take it to the next level.

Teen Webcam Safety Tips:

  • Keep your computer in an open area
  • Check what new programs have been installed on computer
  • Establish what is appropriate to do and say online

Are you concerned about the impact of web cams and your teen? What steps do you take to ensure children are using them appropriately?

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