Commentary: Tired of Social Media?

14 Aug

Everywhere you turn, whether if its on the six o’clock news or at sporting events, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn advertisements are posted. “Join us”, “Follow Us”, “Hit Us Up”, “Make Us Your Friend”, “Connect With Us” on the Internet is the message we continually hear from companies. Are we starting to reach the breaking point with all the inundation of the social media fad? Honestly, how many more times can we hear about that party that happened last night? How many more times can we hear the story about your goldfish that came back to life after a food coma?

In the next few months, more and more people will begin to delete their profiles and go offline. More viruses will be hitting our Twitter accounts. More scams will be encroaching on our lifestyles via social media (SM). Advertising will be coming soon to Twitter and every other Tweet will be slammed with ad words and search related noise. The culmination of all of these threats will turn off many users, but will we truly lose them? Will it be too late to get back all those millions of users that got turned off by the social media bandwagon? I say, “no”.

Human nature is to be curious. Eventually another secure form of micro-blogging communication will emerge. We can’t get rid of social media phenomenon because our “friends” want to know what we are doing at all times.

So how will the world adjust to SM? Simple. New tools are appearing that will automate responses. Professional writing teams are being assembled to represent corporations in social media. The question is, how will the average person keep up with SM? Sure mobile applications give us the ability to update over lives on the go, but we tend to add even more to our schedules when something becomes faster. Eventually will we all just pay someone to do our social media for us, like someone mowing our lawns.

Are you tired of Social Media?

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