TweetGrid Rocks The Blocks!

I stumbled upon this awesome service called TweetGrid by JazzyChad that gives you the power to view live multiple keyword-based searches on Twitter. This tool is unique because you can watch up to nine different conversations at once. You don’t even need to be signed-up on Twitter to use it! However, if you are a Twitter user you can login at the top and reply to any conversation you want.

So How Does TweetGrid Work?
First you need to choose a grid, look for a “1×1”, “3×3”, etc…, on the homepage.Then your grid will appear with “Twitter” as the default search term in one of the windows. You can erase this term and type in one you are interested in like “Boating”. Within seconds TweetGrid lets you see real-time conversations on Twitter about “Boating”. Then depending on what grid configuration you’ve selected, you can type in keywords into those boxes too and start more searches.

What do you think of TweetGrid? Isn’t it awesome?

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