Twitter Lists

25 Nov

What is all the noise about Twitter Lists? Recently Twitter launched the ability for you to better organize follows with “Lists”.

After you load up your Twitter account, you will see to the right of “Following” and “Followers” a column called “Listed”. If you click on this link, you will see a column that shows you who has “listed” your tweets on their account. You can think of lists as a way for users to bookmark another Twitter account.

How do create your own lists? Under the search panel on your homepage there is a link to create a new list. You have the option of creating a public and private list. After you name a list, search for people to add to your list. Once your list is created people can follow your lists, just like they can follow you.

I believe Twitter created “Lists” in response to Facebook giving the ability for their users to group their friends into categories. Now Twitter gives the same power of the same organization in a different form. What do you think of Twitter lists?

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