Twitter Revolution

Are you a Twitter user? Last week Leading Hands wrote about social media and how it’s dramatically impacting the daily content of the web. Due to the proliferation of Internet ready mobile phones, telling your friends what you are doing at every moment of the day is extremely easy and convenient. Now with a tool like Twitter, you have the ability to immediately post your thoughts to the web and tell the world what you are doing right now.

Jeff Clark describes Twitter as, “for those who like to pretend they’re important enough to broadcast the mundane tasks of their everyday life.” Twitter would be classified as a “status” web 2.0 tool. You have 140 characters to answer the question, “What are you doing now?” The website has become so popular a handful of competitors like Tumblr, Identi, Beemood, etc… have launched similar products. However the term “to Twitter” is like “to Google”, and that’s why these competitors will have a tough time breaking through.

Here are some tidbits on Twitter. The site is so popular that traffic on the website becomes overloaded frequently. There is no parental control so anything and can be posted at anytime.

Join me on Twitter and see what’s all about.

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