Two Ways To Make Twitter More User Friendly

@Jack Dorsey,

I am a Twitter fan. I was an early adopter. I get it. However I have seen hundreds of people not get it and I know why. I think it comes down to two reasons people don’t get Twitter – not understanding who their message is going to and how to write a tweet.

First of all there needs to be a paradigm shift from public and private accounts to public and private messages. When a message is written let the person choose “do my followers see this” or “does it go public”. People who don’t get Twitter don’t understand how to setup their account so don’t make them think about it.

Second I think giving the ability to let people write long messages and let Twitter break it up automatically into individual tweets would simplify the process. People who don’t get Twitter don’t get the 140 character limit so don’t make them think about it.

I realize these two ideas may introduce many questions however only user experience testing will provide answers. Making Twitter easier to use requires less thought process. Lowering the interaction cost will be challenging however it can be done with a careful balance of physical, mental and level of subject matter precision.


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