Virgin Mobile Kids

Do your kids want a cell phone? Virgin Mobile USA brings you http://enlightenmentkit.com/, which gives kids the tools to convince parents to buy them a mobile phone. Virgin’s product is a Pay As You Go mobile phone, not one of those family plans.

The site not only has wallpapers, t-shirt iron-ons, stickers posters to promote their product but it has something they call the “instigator”. This is a step-by-step instruction to create a cardboard cutout of a fake cell phone. The object is to have your parents ask you where you got that phone which starts the conversation about really getting you one.

There is also a “PressurePoint Presentation” which contains highlights of Pay As You Go. This PowerPoint formatted presentation truly is close to straight up begging. If that doesn’t work, the site wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity to SPAM your parents with Virgin email propaganda.

All in all, this is good opportunity to learn more about a mobile plan for your child in a fun way. This site is also a great way for your kid to convince you to finally get his or her own mobile phone.


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