Voting Online Making Waves

Did your organization make the best of the city? It seems that ever year around this time, the local news networks start clamoring get your vote for the best pizza, DJ service, newspaper, website, blog, etc… Before the push starts in your city, head to the City Voter and get your service listed on the website. If you are just curious who won last year, search through the cities and find out.

City Voter covers the following cities Albany, Charlotte, Greensboro, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City, Albany ,Chicago, Greenville, Los Angeles, Omaha, San Antonio ,Albuquerque, Cincinnati ,Hartford, Louisville, Orlando ,San Diego ,Amarillo, Cleveland, Honolulu, Memphis, Philadelphia, San Francisco Atlanta, Colorado Springs, Houston, Miami, Phoenix Seattle, Austin, Columbus, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Saint Louis, Baltimore, Dallas ,Jackson, Minneapolis, Portland, Tampa, Birmingham, Denver, Jacksonville , Nashville, Providence, Traverse City, Boston, Detroit, Kansas City, New York, Raleigh, Washington, Buffalo, Burton, Lancaster, Norfolk, Sacramento, West Palm Beach, Cedar Rapids and Grand Rapids.


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