Web 2.0 Goes Primetime

19 Feb

This week I was under the weather, so I had the opportunity to flip through the channels and I was surprised to see various shows capitalizing on Web 2.0 features. TV always seems to mirror qualities from real life; now the Web is having an impact on the shows we watch. I just read a statistic in OMMA magazine that more Internet users with the average age of 35 are watching shows on the web than on traditional TV.

Trivial Pursuit
Home viewers read trivia questions ala YouTube style to the contestants. You can upload your own question for a chance win some money. Then the two contestants battle against a mob of users logged on webcams or pseudo webcams. They call it the contestants versus America. Peter Brady aka Christopher Knight hosts it daily, check your local listings.

New MTV Afternoons
New afternoons on MTV features three shows, Sex… with Mom and Dad, Room Raiders 2.0 and Parental Control. During the introduction of each show, the host stands between two monitors and emcees the conversation. A teen viewer is on one webcam with a question for a featured member of a reality show consistent from the last episode that is on the other webcam.

Finally I saw that there is a new show called iCarly starring Miranda Cosgrove that appears on Nick. The show is about a girl that starts her own online web show that counts down the top YouTube videos. Basically a TV show about an online TV show, which to me is truly Web 2.0.

How are you adapting your business in the world of web 2.0? TV is finally catching on and making it work, how can you do it?

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