Web 3.0 – Curated User Experience

I believe with the passing of Steve Jobs is the tipping point that will move us from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. Who will replace Steve Jobs? The reality is that no one can replace Steve, but we are using his thought leadership and innovation as a spark of creativity.

Web 1.0 was emphasized by the need for users to establish their space online. Web 2.0 has been classified as giving the power to the people to create, rank and rate their online content. I am officially declaring that Web 3.0 has arrived. This new era is characterized with a strong desire to be guided by experts. Specifically, I see the need for curating content to improve the user experience.

Tim Berners Lee recently stated that Web 3.0 would be the “semantic web” where computers will begin to learn. Tim’s statement emphasizes the fact that users will truly no longer be in charge. Instead users will need increased help either artificially or from more contextual information (curated). This week with the release of IOS5 and the iPhone 4GS, users now will get help from the built-in software called Siri. What signs point to the fact that Web 3.0 is here?

I was asked the question, “Should this new era just be an incremental leap perhaps to a 2.5?” However three distinct changes that are dramatically converging that has pushed this new online era to a head. Social media has added volumes of information into the mix that now as a user, it is difficult for you to tell what is legit. The wired web is now dwarfed by the mobile web with new statistics that have changed the way we perceive the Internet. Technology like the iPad and HTML5 are changing the way the Internet functions and the big players like Adobe are scrambling to keep up. So what does this all mean? Now the Internet is saturated with a diverse sophisticated audience that are accessing it multiple ways and we need help (like it or not).

Three factors that are creating Web 3.0:

  • Too much content online and users need experts to guide them (semantic/curated)
  • Increasing displayed platforms – mobile web versus wired web
  • New technology – HTML5 and tablets like the iPad (the end of flash)

How are you bracing for the three factors in your business plan? I will sharing more examples and elaborating on Web 3.0 as it unfolds.

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