What is Spear-Phising?

30 Dec

Darren Mott of the Cleveland FBI Cyber Crime SquadHackers posted a tip to prevent the newest way of taking over your home computer. The trend is called spear-phising and it’s a way to gain access to people’s e-mail account using information gleaned from Facebook.

How do they do it? A scan is performed of your Facebook account that gives folks clues to your password. After your email account is compromised, invitations are sent to others asking them to open and install malware. The first tip to prevent this takeover is to change your password to something more secure like a character and number combination not easily deciphered. Another tip is give privileges to each user of your computer. Give kids their own login and password that doesn’t allow them to install software on your machine. Then keep the administrator login in yourself so you can control what gets loaded on your computer.

Did this tip make sense?

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