When’s The Last Time We Talked?

2 Aug

How do you keep track of the last time you spoke to one of your friends? In this day and age, you probably have many circles of friends – work, personal, organizations and school. How often do you touch base with your friends? Do you forget to contact them for ages? I can imagine your friend may wonder, “Are we even friends anymore?” Now there is a social application called TinyBlu that allows you enter in the last time you spoke to someone. If you don’t text or email them again, you will then get an email notice that reminds you to get a hold of them again. I like the fact that you can quick visual of each friend’s mood based on when you last contacted them. Thanks to Stephen Herron on the find.

Manage your social life:

  • Check the last time you hung out with a friend
  • Get a reminder when you lose touch with someone
  • Maintain regular interactions with important people


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