Wireless While You Sail

With wireless Internet access, you can go anywhere and stay connected. I guess I never really thought about it, but if you are out on the Lake and you want to check your email what do you do? Why not get wireless access for your boat? I was out this weekend and saw that CoastalWave had marketing material all around the marina. They are professionals that actually install your wireless computer system in your boat.

The idea of setting up wireless access for your boat doesn’t seem revolutionary; however having a professional service that has experience doing it is revolutionary. This idea of setting up wireless Internet access in remote places, like your boat or car, made me think about what other places in our lives would we need wireless access? Would it be ridiculous to have Internet connection in motorcycles, hot air balloons, bicycles or hand gliders? Another intriguing question is, will installing Internet access in remote places, like boats or cars, become a danger like people talking on cell phones in cars? A recent study shows that drivers talking on cell phones were 18% slower to react to brake lights. How will Internet access in cars or boats slow reaction time?

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