WTF! the CW

I just recently stumbled upon the CW’s most recent fall campaign for their upcoming TV lineup. Most of the clips were specifically for Gossip Girl and focused on scenes that were cliffhangers.¬†Four letters kept flashing across the screen¬†that caught my attention.

If I texted you the letters “WTF!”, what would you think I am communicating? I guess the CW network doesn’t think that parents would figure out that their Watch This Fall (WTF) campaign meant What The F#$%! to the text message generation. I know that the CW’s campaign is tongue and cheek, however it is truly dangling the ignorance card between generations. Since the demographic for the CW is primarly youth and WTF! is a universal text language message that youth understand, the connection is clear. I may be going overboard on this one, but it seems like a line has been crossed.

So I ask, “WTF! on the CW?”
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