Yahoo Tries to Buzz It Up!

8 Mar

Yahoo has launched what seems to be their own version of Twitter called Buzz. They ask the question, “What’s Buzzing You?” and you have up 100 characters for the story headline and up to 300¬†for story summary. Yahoo wants to you to share your story by creating longer article type posts. They also pull in top AP news stories into the mix, thus it’s your stories and their stories.

Yahoo describes it as, “The Web’s most remarkable stories, determined by people like you. Stories are ranked based on your votes, comments, emails, and searches.” The concept behind Yahoo Buzz is worthy, however it seems contrary to any other social networking tool. The part where you interact actually seems more like a full out blog, than the short-natured conversational tool like Twitter. Do you think it will survive as the next Twitter? Did Yahoo hit the scene too late?

What do you think of Yahoo Buzz?

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