Brand Simple

Differentiate yourself from the competition by understanding the minds of your consumers and your company inside and out. Your brand is what your product or service stands for and branding is the process of managing the way people feel about it. Discover what it takes to stand apart from other organizations. I recently read this […]

Graphic Artist Loves Open Source

Are you an starving artist looking for some affordable digital tools? We’ve posted before about open source software. However, I just have to jump in again and focus on Graphic Designing with Open Source. I work on a Mac, PC and even an Ubuntu Linux box. Professional Graphics Software isn’t cheap. So I let my Boss […]

What Books Are Your Friends Reading?

Goodreads finds you books based on other user’s recommendations. See which books your friends are reading and track the ones that you reading too. Goodreads let’s you: See which books your friends are reading. Track the books you’re reading, have read, and want to read. Check out your personalized book recommendations based on your literary tastes. Find […]

Blog Talk Radio: A Reader’s Dream

Looking for a good book? Blog Talk Radio is where readers and writers listen and connect. Listen as authors talk about their new creations and where readers can ask questions about their favorite characters. Channels on Blog Talk Radio that may interest you: Library Love Fest – Lively conversations for librarians Romance Radio – Best […]