Best Medical Health Care Answer Websites

Have a medical problem? Recently Men””””s Health did a breakdown of the top medical health care answer websites. Below is a quick synopsis. #1 RECOMMENDED Cost: Free up to $30 for quick response AskMedicalDoctor.com This website ranked the best to diagnosis the issue, listed other diagnoses, answered same day, gives the ability to ask follow-up […]

Milo Sees If Items Are Stocked

Do you need to see if an item is in stock at the store down the street? Instead of calling your local store, asking the clerk if a item is on the shelf and then waiting five minutes to hear it’s available, use Milo. Milo is a new web service that connects you with local […]


Is your eye constantly twitching? Do you hear a constant ringing in your ear? Find out your specific medical condition with MEDgle. Enter in your medical symptoms and the website will search for possible conditions based on your age, gender, and other factors. You will then be able to drill down through two levels of […]


Protamdim is a miracle supplement, not a drug, that scientifically claims to reduce your stress level. The myth is that it will increase your life expectancy, however the fact is that your stress level does decrease. Now the connection between your level of stress and your life expectancy can be easily linked, however the evidence […]