PBS Parents

At PBS Parents discover information about birthday parties, child development, education, games, health, advice, PBS TV programs and goods. I personally like the expert Q&A that the website offers; this week's is “Helping Children Prepare for Kingergarten”. If you are home schooling, this website is a good resource to help plan your day. http://pbsparents.org

Scrivener Is Creative Writing

Mac users are looking for a creative ingredient to spark your writing? If so, then you need to discover the program called Scrivener. The writing program is ergonomically centered around the way the modern multitasker thinks. Scrivener lets you jot down thoughts on documents that resemble post-it notes. You can view them individually or all […]

Blippy Makes Credit Social

How far can social networking go, how about into your wallet? Blippy makes credit card transactions social. I was reading a recent article about Blippy and I was floored by this next level of social networking. The website asks, “What are your friends buying?” Register for an account, enter your credit card info (which is […]

Oh No! Your Parents Just Joined Facebook?

The other day I heard a few talk show hosts insinuating that Facebook has “Jumped The Shark“. I then saw on Doug Craver’s TechBytes and on a few Twitter feeds the website My Parents Joined Facebook referenced. The website insinuates that youth can no longer post everything happening in their lives on Facebook because now […]