Flocking to a NEW Browser

Flock, is soon to take the wrappings off its brand new browser, according to Business Week. The Flock browser, which is expected to be released to the public in test form in about two weeks, does everything a regular browser does, but with several important additions.

For one, it makes blogging a snap by eliminating the need to do arcane coding in order to post, change fonts or add photos. Right click the mouse on a Web page, and a blogging wizard comes up that automatically creates links, citations, and quotes that are ready to insert into a blog. A horizontal bar on the browser also can load photos from the photo-sharing site Flickr, so they can be simply dragged and dropped into the blog post.

If you’re interested in Flock, you can see them at BlogOn 2005, or you can sign up on their website for the sneak preview when it’s made public.


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