Get Better Leads Through Data

The use of data in generating leads is essential when competing in the real estate market. Using as many resources as possible, including big data, is most helpful in generating in-house and online leads. The ability to accurately predict risk and become familiar with trends can be accomplished through the use of these analytics. Though there are many companies that offer this vital information as a service, the data can be collected independently if an agent is willing to take the time to conduct market research.

Customer needs and behavior is constantly fluctuating from one location to the next and identifying with this can significantly help to eliminate risk. The effect that big data is having on the real estate industry is changing the way that consumers find their perfect home. There are many websites that offer tools which provide property information to buyers and sellers. With information pertaining to property value, mortgages and neighborhood reviews it is highly informational for the consumer and real estate agent or broker.


Merging Innovation and Real Estate

Some experts would argue that technological innovation and accessibility to this data can affect the need for an agent. Is it possible that artificial intelligence and the World Wide Web could potentially take over the real estate market? Thus far it has only contributed and has continued to provide consumers with more accessibility. Though this information can be accessed quickly and easily through the use of the internet and web-based tools, technology cannot compete with a seller’s experience and personal advice.

The use of tools, such as a website scraper, can help sellers collect property information by extracting data from certain websites which is then stored in a local database file for the agent. This is a great example of the convenience in online tools considering how much time and effort it would take to collect the data if it were not immediately available to the public. Since time is money and technology saves time, these tools are indefinitely powerful resources.


Utilizing Data to Obtain Leads

The resources available to real estate agents are endless and by taking advantage of these analytics it’s easier to provide the right information to buyers, therefore, increasing potential leads. When the seller holds information on a neighborhood, school district or crime rate it is easier for them to direct their sales towards the appropriate consumer. It is also easy for them to conduct the research online if a buyer has already expressed their interests and needs.

Owning a home is part of the American Dream and the more information that can be provided to a potential buyer, the better. The powerful insight that comes from big data provides agents with immediate answers and responses that are relevant to every new client. Predictive analytics can also help sellers narrow down their marketing tactics. Narrowing down a sales approach creates value and quality; the seller can invest less money in distributing marketing materials to the wrong clientele and provide value to the appropriate consumers, saving time and money.


In any industry, the more information a professional has the more likely it is that they will provide a more accurate service than their competition. With the ability to answer questions quickly the buyer is more likely to want to use their service and will perceive the agent as valuable. Predictive analytics is also effective in helping the consumer find the right home being that it is relevant to their future as a resident. Overall, knowledge is power and data gives sellers the tools that they need to master their craft and , in turn, helping people to the best of their ability.

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