How To Use Twitter For Your Business

What is Twitter?
If you’ve heard of it, but your not sure what it is here’s the low down. Twitter is a free social networking service that allows users to post and receive messages. It asks the simple question or “What are you doing now?” Updates appear on Twitter and other sites connected to Twitter accounts. Messages must be under 140 characters in length. A Twitterer/Tweeter is a user of Twitter and Tweets are your posts. You can follow other Tweeters. Microblogging… tell me everything you are doing down to tying your shoes. Free, Easy and Instant…. but can be information overload.

Think Twitter has no business value? Dell made $1 million in revenue through sales alerts in 2008. It is a very powerful tool a way to get discreet bits of information in front of people

Why Twitter?

  1. Expand network
  2. Drive traffic to blog
  3. Stimulate water cooler
  4. Message colleagues
  5. Monitor buzz
  6. Keep up with local
  7. Track activity at conference
  8. Promote event or seminar

Do you use Twitter for your business?

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