New Human Body Part Discovered in Eye

Did you know a new part of the human body was found recently? The part is found in the eye and it’s called the Dua.

According the Popsci article, “Dua’s layer sits at the back of the cornea, which previously had only five known layers. Dua and his colleagues discovered the new body part by injecting air into the corneas of eyes that had been donated for research and using an electron microscope to scan each separated layer.”

The article continued to say, “The researchers now believe that a tear in Dua’s layer is the cause of corneal hydrops, a disorder that leads to fluid buildup in the cornea. According to Dua, knowledge of the new layer could dramatically improve outcomes for patients undergoing corneal grafts and transplants.”

So if you believe there is nothing left to explore, then use this discovery as inspiration. Please read the full article with the link below.


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