The Itsy, Bitsy Spider

Leading Hands correspondent, Todd Bertsch writes,”Do you have a personal website or share personal photos on the internet? If you’re an avid internet surfer, like myself, then most likely you do, or will soon. Have you ever used Google’s Image Search Tool (a search engine created by Google that only shows images in the search results)? Or, any other search engines’ image search tool?”

If your not sure what Todd is talking about, in this new article you’ll discover that posting your personal pictures on the web, isn’t that personal. Eventually the “Itsy, Bitsy Spider”, the Google search engine, is going to find your pictures and index them for the world to see. Maybe you weren’t the one that posted the pictures, your neighbor uploaded some pictures from your son’s birthday party and named them “Little_John_Smith_Smiles” or “Little_John_Smith_Eats_Cake”. Regardless, the chances are in your favor that if you or your friends post images on the internet, even if you think they are hidden from the world, the Google search engine is going to find them.

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