Top Ten Browser Shortcut Keys

Do you know all the browser shortcut keys? These shortcuts are quick keyboard commands that make it easy control your browser, i.e. Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla. Even if you are an advanced user, some of the most popular commands may surprise you.

Ten Most Popular Web Browser Shortcut Keys

1) Go to the address bar
Alt D (Alt key plus “D”)

2) Refresh the current web page
F5 (Top center of keyboard) or Ctrl R (Control key plus “R”)

3) Stop or hide the Search Bar
Ctrl E (Control key plus “E”) or F3 (Top left of keyboard)

4) Stop downloading a Web page
Esc (Escape key located in upper left corner of keyboard)

5) Open the Find Dialog box
Ctrl F (Control key plus “F”)

6) Show or hide the favorites bar
Ctrl I (Control key plus “I”)

7) Toggle full-0screen mode on or off
F11 (Top right center of keyboard)

8) Open a new browser window
Ctrl N (Control key plus “N”)

9) Go to your Home page
Alt Home (Alt button in left bottom and Home button on right side of keyboard)

10) Open the Open dialog box to go to another website
Ctrl O (Control key plus “O”) or Ctrl L (Control key plus “L”)

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