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Working Online: How You Can Make Money Full Time or On the Side

If you are currently unemployed or you are looking to make money on the side but you don’t want to leave home, you’re in luck. Thanks to the internet, it is easier than ever to work online in a variety of settings. So think about what you can do, hop on your computer, and start looking for your new online job! Leading Hands Through Technology shows you how.

Take Inventory of Your Skills

Begin by taking inventory of your skill set. What abilities, skills, and talents do you already possess? Do a brain dump and make a list of them, no matter how trivial or small you think they are. Some skills that you could use for online work could include:

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Providing voice-overs
  • Customer service
  • Sales

You could even think about non-traditional skills, particularly if you are interested in a side gig, such as reading tarot cards or doing shout-outs as promotion for people or companies.

Consider the Benefits of Freelancing

Freelancing is one way that you can work online. As a freelancer, you can decide how many clients you would like to work with, work as little or as much as you want, and determine what hours you would like to work.

If you decide to go the freelancing route, it can be easiest to start out small and gradually take on more clients as you feel comfortable. Don’t forget that word-of-mouth is how many freelancers advertise, and you’ll likely gain more clients as your name circulates.

Know Where To Look for Remote Jobs

If you’re seeking a remote job and this is your first time attempting to find one, it can be difficult to know where you should look. Consider websites and job boards that cater to the remote work crowd, and make sure to look at jobs that are hiring right now.

Going this route may be the fastest way to employment . Consider applying to a variety of jobs. You’ll be competing with more people, since the positions are remote, so it’s worth it to make the extra effort if you’re committed to working online at home.

Learn About Possible Tax Changes

If you will be a freelancer, rather than a traditional employee, it’s crucial you understand how this could change the way you file taxes. Many freelancers create a business for themselves, offering their services. It is often helpful for these individuals to form an LLC, so they face less liability in case they are sued.

Having your own LLC means less paperwork, greater flexibility, and even special tax advantages. If you want to do this, use a formation service so you can avoid lawyer fees, which can be costly. Every state has different regulations around LLCs, so find out what your local laws are, first.

Understand How To Avoid Scams

The Federal Trade Commission warns that scams are abundant when working online, so make sure you avoid them. Don’t pay money upfront for anything, and do not consent to anyone transferring money into your bank account unless it is payment for services rendered.

Consider an E-commerce Site

Selling things online can be pretty lucrative, so consider it as an option. Plus, with the help of an e-commerce platform, you can put everything together quickly and easily while creating a site with professional appeal. These platforms let you use data to create customer-specific online experiences while you continue to gather data on their online habits. That way, you know the best ways to market to your customers.  

Think About More Than One Option

When you are just starting out in the world of online work, consider more than one option. This could be closely related, such as creating and editing videos, or it could be two different things, like teaching English online and offering tarot readings. The thought behind this is that if one gig isn’t bringing in enough money, the other can help to compensate.

Start Your Work-from-Home Job Now

The work-from-home revolution has brought many opportunities to our living rooms, so don’t be afraid to find your place in the new online workforce. And as you look into your options, also research the benefits of forming an LLC. You don’t want your new online job to get you stuck in financial trouble. Whether you are trying to find a new fulltime job, or you just want extra money on the side, these suggestions will get you started working from the comfort of your own home.


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